AMR Research comes under the spotlight in January

Our first Advisor Spotlight webinar in 2008 will discuss AMR Research, the leading analyst firm focussed on the supply chain. AMR has shown an interesting evolution over the last year. It increasingly speaks about the “value chain”, and has broadened its research interests out to intersections of business, ERP and supply processes.

It’s also made some interesting hires recently, including David Aquino, David Brown, Noha Tohamy and, most recently, Jonathan Yarmis as Vice President.

The call will be on Thursday January 17 2008 at
– 8 am Pacific
– 11 am Eastern
– 4 pm Britain
– 5 pm Central Europe
– 6 pm Finland, Israel.

As in each monthly interactive webinar, this discussion will give Lighthouse’s insight into developments of the firm being discussed that month. We’ll share our most recent into the firm’s research interests, customer base and international reach. We’ll also review the impact of this year’s changes on the firm, and the firm’s relative influence on end-users.

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AMR Research comes under the spotlight in January
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