Survey: which analyst firms are moving up (or down)?


Everyone in or around the analyst industry knows that the four major firms are Gartner, Forrester, IDC and Ovum. But who are four after that, and the four after that?

To start you off, here’s one of the charts from the presentation.We asked participants which of 30 firms were the most influential on the media and on buyers. We have ranked each firm from 1st place (Gartner) to 30th (ABI – don’t shoot the messenger guys!). You can see that there are some firms, like Tower, who are punching below their weight with the media, and others like 451 who are punching above their weight. Click on the image to enlarge it.

The data come from our Analyst Value Survey (and, to say thank you, participants in the survey get a free seat in the webinar). 198 users of analyst research told us about the topics and analyst firms they are using, which ones they expect to use more, and which firms are the most influential on investors, buyers, the media — and one themselves. Around 20 of those were themselves staff at analyst firms, and we’ve filtered out their responses.

One of the most fascinating questions asks which firms are most, and least, independent of their research findings: some firms are rated highly for both.

Analyst wonks may be wondering how we made the chart. There’s an outline of the Analyst Value Survey at In the survey we asked respondents to select up to four firms that are most influential on buyers and, in a separate question, which were most influential on the media. We produced an ordinal rank using those data, in which 1st place is higher and 30th place was lowest.

Some of participants in our survey were analysts, either in analyst firms or in-house analysts for vendors or telecoms providers. We’ve subtracted the respondents from analyst firms from the charts. It doesn’t make much of a difference, and we don’t think those analysts were pushing their own firms. However, more folk wanted to see the data without them — and we’re happy to oblige.

P.S. In September 2013 we ran the survey again. To get a copy of the new findings, go to slideshare.

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